Monday, June 4, 2012

Our first DSLR video gear review...

Though I am not a "video guy" the gentleman who shoots all of the videos for Weekly Photo Tips is.

So I asked Mark if he would take a look at the Flashpoint DV DSLR Matte Box Pro that Adorama was kind enough to send us.

Mark not only shoots all of our videos, he does extensive work on commercials and movies as well.

And for those of us who know him, we know he is... well... particular about what he uses, it needs to bring something to his workflow or he doesn't bother with it, so his gushing review of the Flashpoint DV DSLR Matte Box Pro surprised me, because he's just not the gushing kind of a guy.

So check out his video review below or if you have trouble viewing it (or simply don't see it) follow this link to view it directly on YouTube.

As we post this review Matte Box Pro it is on special for only $250 and that also includes free shipping.

A big thank you to Mark Hensley for taking the time to do this review (and for everything else he does for us) and be sure to check out his website and YouTube channel.

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