Friday, August 23, 2013

A new vision in green living Waste Tire and Plastic Recycling

Have you ever noticed where the solid waste of our day to day waste is being dumped off?

 Researchers have proved that Earth is the only green planet suitable for living. The main component that makes earth suitable for living is the presence of water and green plants. The bio diversity that exists in the earth environment is mainly because of the water and land constitution present. The factors responsible for the life on the earth are slowly pushing it towards its downfall. The natural beauty of the earth is being going into disastrous mode. The time is not far when people will die in lack of oxygen if the cutting and rationalizing is not stopped. When we talk about the waste management, the question again arises- up to which extent? --

 Waste management policies being deduced in our country doesn't bothers about the solid waste reduction and its re-utilization. The main task in order to eradicate the waste includes the use of the waste in major landfills. Even though it is a good perspective to use such solid waste in filling out the waste land since the solid waste being generated such as waste tire and waste plastic products are non biodegradable and always remain solid waste until they are burnt off or being remodeled into some other bi products

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