Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today is a rare day...

Because I never go off topic during the week, that's a weekend only kinda deal, but today is my twins birthday... their sweet 16 birthday no less.

It seems like just yesterday that we brought them home, and just a couple days later they were running around in their little footy pajamas and life was all about being a Disney princess.

When it was time to play “beauty salon” I was their guinea pig. I can’t tell you how many times I’d forget what they had done to me and would head off to the grocery store with clips in my hair, makeup smeared on my face with, and well coordinated nail polish.

The looks I would get while standing in the checkout line.

One of their birthday big deals was decorating the van with glass paint, streamers, balloons, and on the back window it would say “honk for the birthday girls”. They would count each and every honk throughout the day and write down the total so they could compare it to the year before.

I can still hear them say “when I grow up, I want to marry you”.

They thought my tricks were truly magical, and that I was the funniest man alive.

Now they are young women, they don’t makeup my face, they won’t let me decorate the van, and they certainly don’t want to marry me. And I could not be more lame (just ask them).

Now they’re so hip it hurts, it’s all about boys, texting, and skinny jeans and they talk in acronyms like – IDK (I don’t know), OMG (Oh MY God), and JK (just kidding).

Right now they are running around, planning the day (and their party) with their friends, but I don’t see those hip young sweet 16 year old women in their skinny jeans... texting faster than I can talk.

I see my little girls in their pretty sun dresses, getting into a decorated van, and as I taxi them to their destination I’ll start counting the honks in my head.

Happy birthday Peanut, happy birthday Boo Boo.

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