Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Showing off some engagement images...

I wanted to share some images from one of our latest engagement/save the date photo shoots.

The odd thing (for me) about this shoot is not that Kara is my next door neighbor, it's that I've known her since she was (about) 5 years old and it's hard for me to grasp that she is now a grown woman, has graduated from collage, and is about to join the institution of married people.

You may recognize the shooting style of these first two images, it is similar (in style) to the images from our post "Shooting into the Sun".

Shading the sun from my lens:

Letting the sun hit the lens:

It's a technique so easy to do, can give you a dramatically different look, and I find that clients really like it.

Here is a mistake I had actually made plans to avoid before the shoot took place, but I made the mistake anyway, though it was a "save the date" shoot I knew there would be images they'd want to keep/share without all the date stuff included.

As soon as I took this shot I thought to myself "crap, they are going to like this shot" and sure enough, shortly after seeing their gallery I got a text wanting to know if I could take out the date out of the shot.

So I did, and though it's not the greatest Photoshop work I have ever done, people who haven't seen the image with the date in it picked up on the fact that I "Photoshopped" it.

Learn from my mistake, take the shot, then add date specific touches and take the shot a second time.

How does it go, "get it right in camera"?


These are my two favorite images from the shoot.

Click on any of these images to view larger.

And yes, some of them may look familiar to you, a few of them were in our post last week about creating "Custom Facebook Timeline Covers".

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a video tutorial that will walk you through making your own custom Facebook covers.

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