Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Check out these images from our readers...

First. if you didn't know we had a Weekly Photo Tips Flickr group, we do. If you would be interested in joining (and I hope you are), you can find the details on joining here.

Second, just a few things about our group, I usually just look at the images and don't spend a lot of time looking at the stats, but last night I did look at the stats and was taken by surprise at just how big our Flickr group has grown. Right now we have 529 members who have uploaded over 3,600 images!

Third, when I post images from our readers I usually just post the images and say nothing, letting them speak for themselves, but today I am going to share my thoughts on what I like about each of the images.

This image is from Zero Cem, he shares a lot of images of the night sky, they are always colorful and beautiful to look at. I usually look at them with my mouth open and wonderment on my face. In this shot he was lucky enough to capture a falling star. I like the fact that he includes a sliver of land at the bottom of the image so that we have orientation. On the technical side, the rule of thirds is represented on both the placement of the earth and stars.

"Boats" is from psyco babble and as soon as I saw it, it evoked a feeling of stillness, of quiet and isn't that what images are supposed to do, evoke an emotion? Love the composition and the sky. The colorful boats "pop" off the image.

This image from D2 does just the opposite, you see the action and movement and can hear the motorcycle as it goes by. It is suggested to use the corners of your image to control the viewers eye movement and that is done beautifully here, the rider comes from the bottom right corner and is heading out the upper left. Well done.

I love nature/landscape photography and this is a great image from fatlab99. Great use of thirds here as well, bottom third of the field, top two thirds of the trees.

Another nature/landscape Birch Path from Ken Rowland.. He controls the viewers eye beautifully with the use of a vignette and placement of the path.

I am going to close with this portrait of Josiah from lkaldeway. What is not to like about this image, love the catch lights in his eyes, the way his face is framed in the image, and it has a feeling that essence of Josiah was captured in this shot. And how cool is it that they were having fun taking pictures during a power outage.

Be sure to click on each image to view it larger.

These are just a tiny sampling of all the great photos posted on our group page and thanks to everyone that participates. I always look forward to seeing your work. Keep it up!

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