Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 This is too important to wait...

As most of you know, Monday through Friday we are all about photography, if there is going to be an "off topic" post it happens on the weekend.

But today we are breaking this rule because by Saturday it would be too late.

Today the tens of thousand of wreaths destined to adorn the headstones of American veterans at Arlington National Cemetery have left Maine.

This marks the 21st consecutive year that this has happened.

If you are interested in seeing the wagon train of trailer trucks carrying these wreaths there will be some 20 stops and rallies held in every single state between Maine and Virginia (check here for the complete schedule).

Arlington is not the only cemetery that Worcester Wreath sends wreaths to, there are over 600 locations nationwide that will receive wreaths for those brave men and women who have "gone on ahead", this link will let you search for a location near you.

This most wonderful tribute was started by Morrill Worcester, the founder of Worcester Wreath Company, when he and his workers wanted to do something to honor those brave fallen men and women.

If you are interested in sponsoring a wreath you can get more information here.

Worcester Wreath Company is who I use to send wreaths to friends and family who live "away" and they have NEVER failed to bring a smile and thankful response from those who have received them.

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