Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 A new and very cool (free) App...

Just a few days ago 500px announced their new App for the iPhone and iPad.

We have been HUGE fans of 500px and this is a very nice addition to an already outstanding photography resource.

Just recently we had the pleasure of giving away 3 Plus Memberships and will be giving more memberships again in the very near future.

But not to worry about paying for another membership, you can signup for free that will still allow you access to many of the very cool features that make 500px so inspirational.

If you use Lightroom you can get their free Lightroom plugin that provides seamless integration between Lightroom and your 500px account.

So here are the links you need to check out, to signup for your free account, to download the new iPhone and iPad app, and their Lightroom plugin.

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