Thursday, May 24, 2012

A review of the Westcott 43" Apollo Orb...

You have heard us talk about the Westcott 28" Apollo Speedlight softbox, and now it has a big brother, the Westcott 43" Apollo Orb.

And much like the smaller 28" softbox, the new 43" Apollo Orb shares many of the same features:

1. They are made to be used with Speedlights (or for you Canon shooters - Speedlites)

2. They are made on umbrella frames so they open and close quickly, easily, and are extremely portable

 3. It's 43 inches gives you an even bigger light and can easily accommodate multiple flash heads

4. You can rotate the flash inside the softbox

5. The front panel can be mounted flush or recessed for greater (feathering) control of the light

Along with something the little brother does not have:

6. You can purchase a 40-Degree grid accessory to further increase your lighting options

Below is our video review of the Westcott 43" Apollo Orb,, if you are a subscriber and the video did not come through with your email you can return to the blog or head directly over to our YouTube channel to watch it.

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