Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our interview with Vincent Versace Part 1...

This week I have the distinct pleasure of talking to photographer Vincent Versace.

First thing I should confess is that I am a HUGE Vincent Versace fan, I have been since the earliest steps of my photography journey so be forewarned that you may hear just a bit of giddiness in my voice.

So why am I such a big fan?

Two reasons:  

1. I think Vincent is an absolutely brilliant photographer  

2. He is equally as good as a photography instructor I have almost every one of his educational DVD's and the problem is the first time I watch them I just sit there and stare in amazement with my mouth gaping open, it's the second time through the DVD that I actually start to follow along and participating in the process.

During the interview we talked specifically about three of his images:

This one of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee -

This image of Alcatraz in San Francisco bay -

And this image of the Eiffel Tower during a snow storm -

(click on any of these images to view larger)

You can learn more about Vincent Versace and see his portfolio of iconic images by visiting his website, or checking out his Flickr page.

If you're interested to checking out his educational offering (books and DVD's that are worth every penny) you can find them all listed over at Acme Educational.

You can listen to the interview in the player below, or head over to The Photography Podcast for this and all of our other interviews and podcasts.

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